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Coffea Coffee house

Open: 8:00 – 23:00
phone: +38 (057) 700-01-09
Short description:
Coffea from Latin Coffea arabica – Arabian coffee tree. The fruits of Coffea contain the kernels of which the famous “coffee” drink is made.

Our coffee house is the travel through time and space to coffee traditions of different countries. While having coffee people think, dream, talk to friends, build up their business. Coffee is the drink that connects various cultures and lets respect differences between them. In Africa, Azia, Middle East and Europe – everywhere coffee speaks the same language, understandable to all.

The concept of “Coffea” coffee house – coffee and culinary traditions of different countries of the world. We propose the collection of coffee drinks, desserts and home bakery, cooked with traditional recopies from different places of our planet.