AVEC gallery presents the exhibition of masters of the Paris school of arts


July 19, 2013 International charity foundation "Alexander Feldman Fund" presents the exhibition “Ecole de Paris II”, devoted to the legendary Parisian school of Arts. It will feature more than 110 paintings, drawings and sculptures from the collection of Feldman Family Museum. Range of authors includes 40 names – from yet little-known artists in our country to world-class masters.

The School of Paris unites several generations of artists-foreigners who lived in French capital since the beginning of the 1900s, no matter what styles and trends of art they represented. The fate marked the most talented and persistent among them. If some "Parisians" long remained undeservedly forgotten, others came into the number of the world's leading avant-garde of the twentieth century. Among them – Marc Chagall, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Moise Kisling, Sonia Delaunay, Michelle Kikoin, Pinkhus Flint and Hannah Orloff, whose works take a special place in the exhibition.

More and more attention of researchers, collectors and fans of modern art is attracted by the creativity of other less known representatives of our School of Paris. Among them Mane-Katz, Issachar Ryback, Henri Epstein, Adolph Feder, Alexander Fresnel, Lazarus Volovyk, Alexander Altmann, Isaac Payles, Albert Weinbaum, Pierre Grimm, Marc Sterling, Arthur Kolnik, Constantine Tereshkovich, Osip Lubich, Vladimir Naiditsch, Abram Kozlov, Nikolay Krichevsky, Michelle Adlène, Serge Kisliakof Nikolai Poliakov, Joseph Pressman, David Vidgof, Jack Shapiro, Michael Andreenko-Nechitailo, Nikolai Isayev, and other masters, which are also represented in the exhibition. Many of them were born in Ukraine.

Gathered together in one venue, the works of masters of the School of Paris provide a visual feeling of this unique phenomenon in the history of European art. For a better perception of the exhibit it will include stands with biographies of all the artists. The design of the patio in AVEC gallery adds some colorful elements that help to feel the unique creative atmosphere of Paris of the first half of the twentieth century, where the great artists lived and worked.

Current exhibition is special. It is the last time when kharkovites are able to see the works of artists of the Parisian School from the collection of Alexander Feldman. After the end of the exhibition, they will be sold in order to send all the revenue to the construction of the Children's Rehabilitation Center at the Regional Landscape Park “Feldman Ecopark”.

The exhibition opens on July 19, 2013 at 18:00 in AVEC gallery at: Kharkov, Sumskaya Str., 70. Free of charge.