The exhibition “A faithful friend. The image of a dog in European art of XVI-XX centuries” is opened in AVEC Gallery


On June 11, 2013 International Charity Foundation "Alexander Feldman Fund" presents a unique exhibition “A faithful friend. The image of a dog in European art of XVI-XX centuries” in Kharkiv. The exhibition will present animalistic sculptures, paintings and drawings from the collections of Feldman Family Museum, Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko National Museum of Art, Kharkiv Art Museum, dedicated to dogs and their role in human life.

The image of a dog has s solid position in animalistic art – a special genre of fine arts (mainly in painting, drawing and sculpture) with animal as the main object. In European art the interest to wildlife was particularly manifested during the Renaissance.Yet while in painting and drawing the animalistic genre has already formed in XVII century, there were no animalistic masters in sculpture all until early XIX century. It is only since 1831, when the young French sculptors Barye, Fratin and Guionnet successfully presented bronze figurines of animals in Paris – animalistic sculpture started to be seriously spoken of. In fact, this was the time the term “animalistic” appeared.

The exhibition includes 135 works of sculpture, painting and drawings united by the theme of dogs. Among the pearls of the exhibition - famous engraving prints of XVI-XVIII centuries. Jost Amman and Boetius Bolswert, Christoph Maurer and Jan Fyt, Jean-Baptiste Oudry and Pierre Charles Canot, Adam Bartsch and John Boydell (from the collection of Bohdan and Varvara Khanenko National Art Museum); bronze compositions of the pioneers of animalistic sculpture of XIX century Antoine-Louis Barye and Pierre-Jules Mene, Emmanuel Fremiet and Paul-Edouard Delabrierre (from the collection of Alexander Feldman); paintings of prominent painters of XIX-XX centuries Gregory Myasoedov and Viktor Borisov-Musatov, Pavel Kovalevskiy and Alexander Orlov, Alexei Kivshenko and Nicholai Samokish (from the stock of Kharkov Museum of Art).

A special symbol of the exhibition that fully reflects its main idea is a small bronze sculpture "Barry", made at the end of the XIX century by famous French animalist Joseph Victor Chemin. The master showed one of the most famous dogs in in the history – the Saint Bernard named Barry, carrying a rescued boy on his back. Having find a half-frozen child after avalanche in the Swiss Alps, Barry managed to warm his up and carry out to the people on his own. A monument to the heroic dog was later installed in Paris. On the pedestal one can read: “To Barry who saved forty people and was killed by the forty-first."

The exhibition “A faithful friend” is a joint educational and cultural project of the three museums designed not just to show the four-legged creature living next to us through the prism of creativity of the recognized masters of animal genre, but also to promote humane and responsible attitude to animals in Ukrainian society. Sincere affection and devotion that are in the very nature of a dog put a great responsibility on its owner – the human. Relationship between them is delicately and skillfully described in the exhibits of the exposition.

The exhibition opens on 11 June 2013 at 18:00 in AVEC Gallery on Sumskaya Str., 70 in Kharkiv.