The Night of Museums 2013 in AVEC Gallery


On May 18 within the annual international Night of museums the exhibition “At the dawn of the century” was hold in AVEC Gallery. The exhibition described the life of Kharkiv citizens one hundred years ago.

Postcards with views of Kharkiv collected by Alexander Feldman, clothing and accessories, newspapers, advertisings, dishes, books, candy wrappers and packages – all these items help to get familiar with and feel the life of that era, when the time was flowing steadily and slowly and the tempers were simple-minded.

Guests of the Gallery were able to visit the atelier of Kharkiv photographer, get acquainted with prominent marketing ideas of the world-famous chocolate brand from the beginning of the last century and take part in the favorite games of our great-grandparents.

Many interesting activities waited for the visitors that night: “living pictures” – the game that requires knowledge in painting and creative imagination; training and practice in “floral flirtation”, based on a knowledge of the flower language and very popular at democratic parties of the middle class; the study of the "fan language", widely used at noble balls until the revolution.

In addition, the Tea Party by the heirs of George Borman factory and retro-cars exhibition helped gallery visitors deepen into the history even more.