On June, 2 in AVEC Gallery – festive exhibition dedicated to International Children’s Day


On June 2, 2012 AVEC Art-patio will hold the final holiday-exhibition “Building the dream home”. The exhibition is dedicated to International Children’s Day and will begin at 15:30.

The exhibition will present the works of the pupils of two orphanages and will be assisted by the young authors themselves and by the artists Roman Minin, Hamlet, Anna Bykova, Lolita Guynutzinova, Maxim Kusch and photograph Igor Chekachkov.

The program of the holiday will include:
- Exhibition of joint works of children and artists;
- Demonstration of the film about children, that was made during the project;
- Painting, games and dances;
- Awarding with gifts, prepared by Alexander Feldman Fund.

We invite you to join this bright celebration of childhood! Please find the photo report from the exhibition below.