Dream Home in AVEC Gallery


Within the project named “Future – in the eyes of children” the master classes in visual arts for the children left without parental care are hold in AVEC Gallery. During the trainings the kids draw the home of their dream together with famous artists from Kharkov.

The aim of the project is to help children who are unable or unwilling to be cared by their parents. “What is home? Is this a place, people or a state of mind? Each person has an own idea, - says Alesya Beletskaya, the project manager. – But everybody aims to find it in order to feel happiness and love. It is especially difficult for the kinds from an orphanage. We carry out this project to help the child understand what His Home should be. At the time of creative and fun process kids bring their own ideas, making their search to become a piece of art. The kids are inspired by talented artists from Kharkov.”

The first master class was successfully carried out with the children from Kharkov regional shelter for minors named “Harmony”. They have built their home together with artists-magicians Roman Minin and Hamlet Zinkovskiy. As a result, the drawing-model of the home has been made where each child has created an own floor. The next training will be held in AVEC Gallery on May, 11. The master class for the kids from Kharkiv regional children shelter will be hold by the artist Anna Bykova.