"Ukraine – our common home". Festival in AVEC Gallery


On August, 24 the festival of cuisines of the world “Ukraine – our common home” took place in the patio of AVEC gallery. The festival was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine and was organized by International charity fund “Alexander Feldman Fund” and the Association of national and cultural associations of Ukraine.

In addition to the traditional dishes of their peoples, national societies have pleased the holiday guests with bright performances.

"Today is a wonderful holiday – the Independence Day of the country, where besides Ukrainians there are Russians, Jews, Azerbaijani, Tatars and others. And Ukraine is proud of its multinationality, – says the chairman of the eponymous foundation, Alexander Feldman. – Today the representatives of national and cultural associations demonstrate the best dishes of their cuisines. And it is not for nothing that all these tables are united in one – Ukrainian table. I am glad that different peoples, people of different nationalities living in Ukraine can maintain their cultures and traditions – this is what anyone may see today”.

The real surprise for the guests of the festival was the biggest in Ukraine Motanka doll. During the festival, everyone could not only get a master class from a specialist in making motankas, but also could decorate the champion doll with own ribbon. Guests gladly responded to the proposal to tie ribbons to the doll, because according to the legend, if to tie ribbon on the spit Motanka – it's to a happy love, on the baby – to procreation and children, no a bag of grain – to profit and wealth.

"Today, we have tried – we’ve already done it many times and will hopefully do all the time – so that people can show their creativity, their cuisine, their poetry and culture. Not only in words but to show in deeds that they are friends, that they live in a single beautiful country", – noted A. Feldman.