On June, 16, 2011 at 18:00 the opening of personal exhibition of famous Russian underwater photographer Olga Kamenskaya “Baikal. The reign of water and ice” will take place in AVEC Gallery


The exhibition presents the works created during numerous extreme travels on water and ice of Baikal, special boat and ice jeep-diving-safari, unique expeditions to study the seals of Baikal.

Asking “What is Baikal?” you already know what the answer will sound like: “the deepest lake with the cleanest water”, “unique lake”, “glorious sea”, “holy sea”. The fact that Baikal is the “very-very” one is clear. But why is the so? What attracts and calls people to come back to these places again and again? Why do adventurers and heroes overcome hundreds of kilometers, cross icy Baikal on bicycles, motorcycles, jeeps, skies and on foot, not taking into account dangers and difficulties that are waiting for them after the next ice hummock or backbone split? Why do tourists on ships want to make round all the shores regardless of weather conditions, frequently getting through giant waves or round ice fields? Why do brave divers dip under the meter thick ice of Baikal at 30C below?

Baikal – is the school of life, perceptiveness and understanding of one’s place on Earth. One can sense how weak and strong he or she is at the same time, how negligible human problems are comparing to the greatness of nature, how delicate and unprotected the world is. You get into the atmosphere of secrets and mystery created by nature. Making a tour through ice labyrinths you can deep in little-investigated and magnetic underwater world of the deepest and unbelievably transparent “lake-sea”, get acquainted with its unique inhabitants, hear the ringing of crystal clean and inimitable ice, that has nothing similar on our planet.

The photo project dedicated to underwater world of Baikal and unique ice of the planet’s greatest lake has successfully started in Russia (Moscow, Irkutsk) is opening its international tour. It begins with exhibition in Kharkiv that due to the support of International charity fund “Alexander Feldman Fund” will become the transcontinental bridge, the window wide open to Europe. To show Baikal from inside, to share own vision of undiscovered mysteries, to hand the energy and strict beauty of the lake and thus to attract people’s attention to its problems – this is the main task of the organizers of the exhibition.

During the opening of exhibition “Baikal. The reign of water and ice” the presentation of same named photo album of Olga Kamenskaya and meeting with the author will take place. More information about it is on the web-site www.kamenskaya-gallery.ru

The exhibition will work daily 10:00 to 23:00.
Free of charge.