On April 12, 2011 the ceremonial opening of “Planet Kharkiv” sculptural composition took place in the patio of AVEC Gallery (Sumskaya Str. 70)


The Head of founders board of CONCERN AVEC Boris Feldman, the member of Parliament of Ukraine and founder of International charity fund Alexander Feldman, Director of ICF “Alexander Feldman Fund” Maxim Vodka took part in the ceremony.

The sculptural composition PLANET KHARKIV is the first art-object of this type in Ukraine. It is the present of International charity fund “Alexander Feldman Fund” to all citizens of Kharkiv and guests of the city to Cosmonautics Day.

“Planet Kharkiv” is made in the style typical for globes producing of 17-19 centuries. The composition consists of a pillar (50 cm), sphere (2 meter in diameter, the total size of the canvas is 6x3 meters) and an arc. The incline of the axis of “Planet Kharkiv” is the same as of the Earth – 23 degrees, therefore while rotating one can see all the shade parts. The particularity of “Planet Kharkiv” is that it is an original city guide – it contains not only the main sites of the city such as “The mirror stream”, Gosprom and Blagoveschenskiy cathedral, but also the ordinary houses of residential districts.

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