New sculptural composition in the patio of Platinum Plaza - Happy Family in Action


Happy Family in Action – this is the name of bronze composition that was opened in the patio of Platinum Plaza.

Frank Meisler, world famous sculptor and the author of this sculptural group, was present on this solemn ceremony. His creations are highly popular all over the world and are always created in a single copy.

Frank Meisler’s sculptural masterpieces are allocated in many countries of the world. The most well known are "Columbus" in Madrid, "Torah" in Mannheim, «Freewheeler» in Moscow. The works of Meisler decorate the Shakespeare’s theatre in Stratford, memorial complexes in Washington, Miami and on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. The rare masterworks of small forms decorated with semiprecious stones are in art collections of royal families, heads of the states and prominent politicians. And it is of no wonder because each work of Frank Meisler charges with optimism of sensual dynamics of his sculptures.

The charming «Happy family in action» group could appear anywhere, but thanks to Alexander Feldman's International charity fund it is located on Sumskaya street. Five charming monkeys are concerned only with themselves. The head of the family carries mobile phone in his hand, a cigar in his teeth and a football on his knee. The monkey-mom holds an appetizing pineapple in her hand, a stylish handbag and her young child child. Their union is symbolized by two more children who are hanging in the air on the invisible branch in the form of arch. This may seem as nothing special, but it cuts to the quick. All five are overfilled with positive energy even though they look calm and self-sufficient. Meisler’s monkeys live with the principle – not to see, not to hear and not to speak about bad things as if calling people for conscious draw back from vicious acts.

The multifigured ensemble has naturally entered the new home and has taken the worthy place in the list of city sights and became another ornament of Kharkov. After all Kharkov doesn’t concede other European cities in the number of unique pieces of art that decorate city parks, squares and yards. . Sculptures «Violinist on the roof», bronze-and-granite "Football", «Violoncello concert» and «Happy Family in action» — are evident proofs of that.