Gennadiy Kernes visited the exhibition of the works of masters of Paris school of Arts.


July 16, 2010 exhibition “Masterpieces of world art. Paris school” was visited by Secretary of city council – acting mayor of Kharkov Gennadiy Kernes.

Mr. Kernes told that he came on foot - he was not far from the exhibition in Region state administration.

Gennadiy Kernes noted that he has already seen some of the paintings from Alexander Feldman’s collection and highly values the ability of collecting of such masterpieces in one place. “In order to collect all these, one needs to be very professional in it. As for me, when I visit such exhibitions, I also sense the arts”, he said.

“I am highly impressed with what I see here. There are some works that allow one to enter the world of beautiful”, - noticed Gennadiy Kernes.

Let us remind that on July, 9 the exhibition of masters of Paris school of arts opened in the patio of Platinum Plaza and AVEC fine arts gallery. Private collection of Alexander Feldman includes over 100 paintings, graphic and sculpture works of famous artists.