On May 14-15, 2011 AVEC Gallery presents the fashion night in retro style “The silhouette of Silver Age” within the annual International cultural and educational event “The night of museums” dedicated to the International day of museums.

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The exposition shows over 300 works of 70 authors from Ukraine and neighbor countries. The style of the works differs from professional photo art to a child drawn picture.

The performance of children’s studio of sand animation, cynologist group and charity action of finding home to animals “Find a friend!” will take place within the event.

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The sculptural composition PLANET KHARKIV is the first art-object of this type in Ukraine. It is the present of International charity fund “Alexander Feldman Fund” to all citizens of Kharkiv and guests of the city to Cosmonautics Day.

The Head of founders board of CONCERN AVEC Boris Feldman, the member of Parliament of Ukraine and founder of International charity fund Alexander Feldman, Director of ICF “Alexander Feldman Fund” Maxim Vodka took part in the ceremony.

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On February 25 design contest "Interior of Year 2010" took place in AVEC Gallery. It is the largest Ukrainian contest for architects and designers to demonstrate the level of professionalism in their works.

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