Architectural concept

Kharkov is the city where each epoch speaks its own architectural language. The “ancient” and “modern” are twisted in the dual unity here. Office and shopping center PLATINUM PLAZA is located at the intersection of Sumskaya Str. and Pravdy Ave. near the main square of the city – Svobody Square. The peculiarity of this place is the dialogue between modernism (constructivism) and traditional architecture.

The land lot at the “first line” of the main city street in historical, administrative, and academic center of Kharkov and simply in the most beloved place of people was vacant for a long time. The idea to build bright and prominent multifunctional center appeared immediately after the main office of Concern AVEC was opened next to the lot. At the same time, the unusual location of the land lot set the range of important questions to the developers. Among them was the creation of cozy and comfortable object in the busiest part of the city, integration with existing office center standing nearby, location of parking and many others. But the hardest among all was creation of the unique idea and style and their skillful reflection in architecture.

In year 2004 Oleg Drozdov was chosen to be the general planner and designer of the project. Earlier Mr. Drozdov has created several outstanding projects and was working on another significant project of AVEC – shopping and office center AVE Plaza.

The chosen U-shaped scheme of construction helped to solve the range of issues: locating volumes along the perimeter of the lot insured circulation between the old and the new buildings, this created a new type of urban space and a venue for open-air exhibition, with an utterly contact-encouraging front of the retail space.

An inwardly-turned shopping gallery connects the patio with Sumskaya Str. A light glazed lower part of the shopping gallery makes a considerable contrast with heavier upper part of the building. Underground parking is connected by tunnels with Mironositskaya Str. Due to this the whole entrance from Sumskaya Str. is given to pedestrians.

A vast open space in front of the building suggested an idea to use the street-facing façade as a stage. Architectural performance easily transforms into a real outdoor show. Towers house conference-halls and meeting rooms.